Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunny Days and Famous Ray's

The sun is out! And it's actually warm, at the same time! I know!

The apartment hunt continues, with yet another place forgetting to mention the lack of a dishwasher. This time, the person actually said, "all appliances." I realize that a dishwasher is not one of the appliances required by law to rent a place, and thus it was not technically a lie. But seriously, if you reply to a question about a washer and dryer by saying a place has "ALL appliances," and use all caps for the word "ALL," can't I reasonably expect to see a dishwasher? Come on.

We did find a place we like, and we sent in apps today. Hopefully it'll all work out. I just want to be done with the hunt. Such is life, I suppose.

As for the Famous Ray's reference, I've been craving pizza for a few weeks. Unfortunately, most of the pizza near us is, well, not great. Yeah, we'll go with not great. There are three places that are good. All of them are a little bit too trendy to satisfy the craving. I like organic Thai pepper pizza as much as the next guy, but when I'm craving a nice, thin-crust, (dare I say it) New York pizza, there's nowhere convenient to us that does it. I guess a trip to Regina in the North End is in order, and soon. Oh well.

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