Thursday, September 3, 2009


Tedy Bruschi is retiring. He's been the rock of the Patriots defense as long as I've been watching the team. He's been one of the central forces driving the team mentality that has led to three Super Bowl titles. He's been a class act, and a player I've been proud to root for. He's built a life here in New England, and we're proud to have him.

Maybe Jerod Mayo can step into his role as the defensive leader. By all accounts he's another bright player with a "high football IQ". Hopefully he's absorbed enough of the Patriot way of doing things to take up the reins.

Either way, I'm glad to see Tedy walk away intact and healthy. It's always sad to see a former player 10 years down the road unable to walk, or play with their kids. Hopefully Tedy dodged that bullet.

So thanks, Tedy. I can't wait to see the #54 get hoisted over Gillette Stadium.